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1.19: Text of the Google Scholar Results Image

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    This portion of a screenshot of the results of a Google Scholar search starts with the following words in blue and a large font: "The Economics of Crime Deterrence: A survey of theory and evidence."  On the next line, the font color changes to green, and the font gets smaller and reads "S. Cameron - Kyklos, 1988, Wiley Online Library." The next lines read in purple, "Since BECKER [19681 economists have generatec[sic], a large literature on crime. Deterrence effects have figured prominently; few papers [e.g. HOCH, 19741 omit consideration of these. There are two reasons why a survey of the economics of deterrence is timely. Firstly, there..." The final line in light blue includes five separate words or phrases separated by spacing: "Cited by 392...Related Articles...All 5 versions...Cite...Save."

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