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    I want thank all those who have had a hand in shaping this textbook. Many of my own professors in graduate school at the University of Texas at Arlington influenced the ideas here, especially Victor Vitanza and Robert Reddick, and many others contributed without knowing it, including Nancy Wood, Clyde Moneyhun, and Tim Morris. I owe them all my gratitude. I also want to thank all of my graduate students who taught freshman composition at Northeastern State University by piloting and tweaking the system so that it is usable to a majority of students. Additionally, thanks to my colleagues Terri Baker and Joseph Faulds at NSU, who have always been supportive of my work. Thanks, too, to Sophia Kolb for contributing her writing to the book.

    I have been inspired and encouraged by my wife, Pat, and my children, Allison and Austin, who wonder why daddy is really spending so much time at the computer, and by my parents, Virgil and Joana, whose love and support is reflected in all I do.

    Stephen V. Poulter

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