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1.3: Helpful Learning Tips

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    This page contains an easy-to-reference list of tools and tips to help you make the most of your time in the class.

    Learning Tips

    • Reading on its own is not necessarily studying. You may often need to read a section over once and then review it again purposefully looking for the key points of the section.
    • Taking notes as you read can help you to retain information as well as provide you with a shorter list of key points to study later.
    • Saying information aloud as you read it can help you remember it.
    • When reading about different related topics, it can help to draw a map of how they are related.
    • Remember not to cram all your study time together. You remember information better when you space it out over time, reviewing the information multiple times over days or weeks.
    • If you have trouble finding time to study, it can be helpful to make a schedule. Even planning out 15 minute periods where you can read or review information can help!
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