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4: Sorting (Card Game 2)

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    Purpose/Goal: to identify similarities

    Number of Players: 1– 6 in each group

    Materials: teacher-made cards (30 per group) marked with idioms


    1. Select about 30 idioms and write them on cards or slips of paper.
    2. Write the same set of idioms for each group of five or six students.
    3. Ask students to sort the idioms into categories by meaning.
    4. Students can check this book or another source for the meanings, if necessary.

    Variation 1 (Easiest)

    Give students categories and tell them how many words are in each category. For example, ‘The categories are idioms about happiness, anger, sadness, and ill health. There are six in each category.’

    Variation 2 (Harder)

    Don’t give students any categories. Let them develop their own. Follow up by asking students to write their categories on the board. For example, ‘I’m not going to tell you the topics of the categories. Try to figure them out yourselves. You may come up with your own categories.’

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