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1.4: Political Economy and Globalization

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    Globalization entails the breakdown of nation-state borders, which leads to increased international distribution of people, culture, media, technology, money, economic systems, etc. Globalization also means that we have increased imports and exports of culture and media that are facilitated by computers, internet, and communications networks.

    On one hand, globalization can be seen as negative, as it has lead to the proliferation of capitalism and imperialism across the world. However, globalization can also be seen as positive, as it has also lead to the proliferation of modernization and distribution of new cultural forms. Kellner and Durham (2006) remind us that "... it is best to see [globalization] as an extremely complex and ambiguous phenomenon that contains both exciting and progressive forms like the internet, novel terrains of cyberculture, and emergent economic and political actors and groups in the world economy -- combined with the growing strength of transnational institutions, intensified competition on a global level, heightened exploitation, corporate downsizing, and greater levels of unemployment, economic inequality, and insecurity" (p. xxx).

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