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HUMX1100 Learning Objectives

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    1. Identify existing, hidden assumptions/opinions that constitute road blocks to critically evaluative thinking.

    2. Identify with humanistic purpose the importance of the humanities in one's own life.

    3. Identify recurrent themes in the Humanities and how they were embellished.

    4. Analyze various artworks in several media by using the fundamentals of critical analysis as well as elements of artistic literacy.

    5. Analyze artworks in order to determine the artist's message and/or the organizational principles of artistic literacy.

    6. Derive conclusions based on analysis and synthesis as to the life-enhancing value of an artwork.

    7. Discuss possible limitations of one's own conclusions concerning various artworks.

    8. Discuss how artists' personal lives contributed to their lives as creative personalities.

    9. Recognize the various manifestations of ancient myths in selected television programs, films, and paintings.

    10. Discuss a more effective use of television and digital media for the purpose of self-actualization.

    11. Discern the connecting bonds of humanity between past and present cultures.
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