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6.11: Comparativos y superlativos

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    que vs. de

    Práctica 43A (§43)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) Planet Mars is less big than Venus. 2) Mars has more satellites than Earth. 3) In the past, people used to travel less than nowadays. 4) Trains used to go more slowly in the past than today. 5) Normally, a baby sleeps for more than twelve hours a day. 6) Last week my baby slept less than normal because he was sick. 7) More than half of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil. 8) Peru has a more varied gastronomy than (the one from) many other countries. 9) Several South American rivers are longer than those from Europe. 10) The table came with fewer parts than necessary for assembling it.

    tan vs. tanto

    Práctica 43D (§43)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) My house is super roomy, and yours? Well, mine is almost as roomy as yours. - 2) I arrived super early, and you? Well, I didn't arrive as early as you did. - 3) My teacher talked quite a bit, and yours? Well, mine didn't talk as much as yours. - 4) I was extremely hungry, and you? Well, I was almost as hungry as you were. - 5) I slept for many hours last night, and you? Well, I didn't sleep as many hours as you did. - 6) My problems were tremendously serious, and yours? Well, mine were almost as serious as yours. - 7) There were a lot of people in my neighborhood last night, how was it in yours? Well, in mine there weren't as many people as in yours. - 8) I carry very little money on me, and you? Well, I carry as little money as you do. - 9) My school is extremely far from home, and yours? Well, mine is almost as far as yours.

    igual de, lo mismo

    Práctica 43E (§43)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) They both dance equally well and they like dancing the same things. - 2) Daniela is as tall as Ana and they both weigh the same (have the same weight). - 3) They both have an equally balanced diet and eat almost the same things. - 4) They think the same about politics and have equally original ideas about life. - 5) They both like to write about the same things and create equally beautiful poems. - 6) Ana reads the same as Daniela: equally deep and complex literary works. - 7) They both dream about the same thing (have the same dream): to become equally famous, Ana as a dancer and Daniela as a writer.

    Práctica general

    Práctica 43F (§43)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) In 2018 the United Kingdom produced less eolic energy than Spain. - 2) Cecilia is the most interesting person I know. - 3) The Sahara is the largest desert in the world. - 4) We never spoke more than necessary. - 5) Many people think that Monday is the worst day of the week. - 6) Loving others is the greatest satisfaction there is. - 7) Daniela is as nice as Ana. - 8) I didn't work as much today as I did yesterday. - 9) Urban population moral than doubled rural population.

    Con cláusulas

    Que vs. de con cláusulas y adjetivos modales (Apéndice 4)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) The cheaper printer was better than the expensive one, and its cost was less than a hundred dollars. 2) More than five hundred people attended the event, many more than we expected. 3) Last year it was less cold than this one. And this month it is raining more than last month. 4) I arrived more than half an hour ago. The train departed earlier than anticipated. 5) There were more victims than anticipated and this government sent more aid than the previous one. 6) This book is more interesting than I thought. I already read more than half. 7) My younger sister knows more people than me. She has more friends than can be imagined. 8) His salary is higher than mine, but he spends more than he earns. 9) You ate more than necessary y that's why now you're feeling worse than before eating.

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