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7: Chapter 7

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    Reading Skill-Metaphors

    Exercise 1

    A metaphor is a word or phrase that describes an object or action by comparing it. For example, her voice is music to my ears, or Maria is a chicken. In the second example, Maria is being described by comparing her to a chicken. This means she is afraid. Metaphors are common in novels and poems. In the reading The Border: A Double Sonnet, the author describes a border by comparing it to many things. Read the poem found at After reading the poem, write the three most interesting metaphors in your opinion below.




    Write a Poem!

    Exercise 2

    The writer focused on an object that has given him many emotions. Write a poem similar to The Border: A Double Sonnet by writing metaphors about English or America. Think of the emotion that these topics give you. What other situations or objects give you this emotion?

    English is… America is…

    Reading Skill-Synthesis

    Exercise 3

    Synthesis is the ability to connect ideas from several readings. In this unit, you have read about immigrants from several places. Connect the experience of immigrants described in the unit readings to the metaphors described in the poem. Use the example to help you.

    The Border: A Double Sonnet

    Immigrants in Unit Readings

    “The border has always been a welcome stopping place but is now a stop sign, always red.”

    Jewish immigrants on the St. Louis were stopped from entering the USA.

    The Chinese Exclusion Act stopped all Chinese immigrants.

    Japanese were also stopped.

    Table 15 Synthesis

    Writing Skill-Conclusion Paragraphs

    A good conclusion paragraph will restate the main idea from the thesis but not in the exact words and end with a final thought. Strategies for the final thought might be a suggestion, solution, prediction, or opinion. The conclusion should not be a summary. Writing a summary for the conclusion can be redundant or repetitive.

    Final Thought Strategies

    Suggestion: What do you suggest people do or not do? Should policies or rules be changed? Should people stop a habit?

    Example: The second-generation immigrants could give back to their parents who worked so hard to help them become successful. They could help their parents learn English.

    Solution: How can the problem be fixed? What are the steps to fixing the problem?

    Example: To prevent students from dropping out of college, a peer mentorship program could be created so that students can get advice from students who may have faced the same obstacles in their educational career.

    Prediction: What might happen in the future related to this topic?

    Example: If immigration policies in America are reformed to create legal status for dreamers, lives will be tremendously changed for the better.

    Opinion: How do you feel about this topic with out saying “in my opinion”? Is this good, bad, important and why?

    Example: Creating laws that deter texting while driving is an important step in preventing accidents, major injuries, and even death.

    Immigration Essay Conclusion

    Exercise 4

    Write a conclusion paragraph for your essay on immigration. Be sure to write a restatement of the thesis and several sentences that provide a final thought using one or more of the strategies above.

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