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5.15: Vocabulario- Adjetivos descriptivos

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    • Erica Brown, Alejandra Escudero, María Cristina Montoya, & Elizabeth Small
    • SUNY Oneonta via OER SUNY
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    • Recognize adjectives describing physical and mental traits

    Vocabulario: Adjetivos descriptivos

    El aspecto físico

    Photo of a tall dog
    A short dachshund on a leash
    Image of a yorkshire terrier dog with a pink flower in its hair
    Photo of a dog looking handsome in soft focus
    A picture of a poodle looking ugly
    A photo of an overweight beagle
    Photo of an elderly dog
    A picture of a black lab dog
    moreno/a (dark-haired or dark-skinned)
    A picture of a red-haired irish setter
    pelirrojo/a (red-haired)
    A picture of a blond yellow lab
    rubio (blond-haired)

    Text-only version with translations

    El aspecto físico (physical aspect)

    • alto/a (tall)
    • bajo/a (short)
    • bonito/a (pretty)
    • guapo/a (handsome)
    • feo/a (ugly)
    • delgado/a (thin, skinny)
    • gordo/a (fat)
    • grande (large, big)
    • pequeño/a (small)
    • joven (young)
    • viejo/a (old)
    • moreno/a (dark-haired or dark-skinned)
    • pelirrojo (red-haired)
    • rubio (blond-haired)

    La personalidad (personality)

    • aburrido/a (boring [w. ser])
    • amable/a (nice, amiable)
    • antipático/a (unfriendly)
    • atlético/a (athletic)
    • bueno/a (good)
    • cariñoso/a (caring)
    • cómico/a (funny)
    • egoísta (selfish)
    • famoso/a (famous)
    • generoso/a (generous)
    • honesto/a (honest)
    • impaciente (impatient)
    • inteligente (intelligent)
    • interesante (interesting)
    • malo/a (bad)
    • paciente (patient)
    • perezoso/a (lazy)
    • pobre (poor)
    • rico/a (rich)
    • serio/a (serious)
    • simpático/a (nice)
    • sociable (sociable)
    • tímido/a (timid)
    • tonto/a (foolish, silly)
    • trabajador/a (hard-working)

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