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11.13: Práctica. Por y para Revisar Manual Yepes

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    Práctica 57A (§57)

    Traducción al inglés
    1. We were leaving for the city that afternoon, but we failed to. 2. We needed to get there by nightfall, but we didn't. 3. We wanted to be in the city in order to attend a union meeting. 4. But there were no weather conditions for such a long trip. 5. It was snowing too much for October, and we weren't expecting that. 6. It was a very important meeting to us, and we regretted not getting there. 7. We need to be prepared to defend our rights. 8. Fortunately, the attendees wrote a summary for us.


    Práctica 57B (§57)

    Traducción al inglés
    1. Madrid is famous for its night life. 2. The Andes were inhabited by the Incas. 3. There's a doctor for every thousand inhabitants. 4. They escaped through the back door. 5. They were taken to jail because of stealing. 6. One has to fight for the common good. 7. Send me a message via e-mail. 8. He did a lot for his family.

    Por vs. para

    Práctica 57C (§57)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) We're communicating by phone to inform you what was decided. 2) S/he doesn't eat meat in order to protect animals. S/he worries about the environment. 3) I'm not interested in those games for children anymore. But I'm crazy about video games. 4) I went to that country in order to work, but I had to leave because of immigration problems. 5) To me, the best of my job are the clients. There are opportunities to meet many people. 6) By when does the final report have to be ready? It's due Friday next week. 7) By studying, the prepare for a better future. And they're not going to get discouraged for any reason. 8) For a small city, it has an extremely rich cultural life. That's why I like it. 9) Attending the lecture was useful for my research. Thanks for telling me about it. 10) It was easy to get in because they took me for a journalist.

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