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4.22: Escritura

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    • Erica Brown, Alejandra Escudero, María Cristina Montoya, & Elizabeth Small
    • SUNY Oneonta via OER SUNY

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    warm weather at the beach

    ¡Vamos de viaje! Vas a estudiar en un país hispano durante el semestre de primavera. Sigue los pasos abajo y escribe entre 60 – 100 palabras. (You are going to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country during the spring semester. Follow the steps below and write 60-100 words.)

    Paso 1: Elige un país hispano. (Choose a Spanish-speaking country.)

    Paso 2: Descubre el clima de tu país hispano con el enlace abajo. Escribe algunas palabras o frases sobre el clima. (Discover your Spanish-speaking country’s weather with the link below. Write some words or phrases about the weather there.)

    Enlace: El Clima

    Paso 3: Mira la moda o ropa típica de tu país hispano en este enlace:, elige el país, mira la categoría “Fashion” o “clothing” y elige ropa para tu viaje. Luego, contesta las preguntas: ¿De qué color es la ropa? ¿Cuánto cuesta la ropa? ¿Cuánto cuesta todo en total? Recuerda que los precios son de los EEUU… ¿cuál es la moneda en tu país hispano? (Look at the fashion or clothes from your Spanish-speaking country here:, pick the country, find the category called “Fashion” or “Clothing”, then pick out an appropriate outfit for your trip. What color are the clothes? How much do they cost? What would you spend in total? Remember, prices are local… what’s the local currency in your Spanish-speaking country?)

    Paso 4: Con la información de pasos 2 y 3, escribe un párrafo sobre el clima y la ropa de tu país hispano. (With the information from steps 2 and 3, write a paragraph about the weather and clothes from your Spanish-speaking country.)

    Paso 5: Edita tu párrafo. (Edit your paragraph.)

    1. Is your paragraph logically organized or do you skip from one idea to the next? Do you have an introduction sentence and a closing sentence?
    2. Are there any short sentences you can combine together?
    3. Are there any spelling errors? (Check the numbers and vocabulary from this unit)
    4. Did you conjugate -er/-ir verbs correctly?
    5. Do your adjectives agree in number and gender with their nouns?

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