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3.2: Describing the Reasoning

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    Once we have introduced the argument we will summarize and described its main claim, we will need to show how it supports this claim. How does the writer point us in the direction they want us to go? Whereas we used an arrow in the argument map to show momentum from reason to claim, we can use a phrase to signal which idea serves as a reason for which claim.

    Phrases for Introducing Reasons

    • She reasons that _____________.
    • He explains this by_____________.
    • The author justifies this with_____________.
    • To support this perspective, the author points out that_____________.
    • The writer bases this claim on the idea that_____________.
    • They argue that_____________ implies that _____________ because_____________.
    • She argues that if _____________, then _____________.
    • He claims that _____________ necessarily means that_____________ .
    • She substantiates this idea by_____________.
    • He supports this idea by_____________.
    • The writer gives evidence in the form of_____________.
    • They back this up with_____________.
    • She demonstrates this by_____________.
    • He proves attempts to prove this by _____________.
    • They cite studies of _____________.
    • On the basis of _____________, she concludes that _____________.

    Our border argument map shows a chain of three reasons leading to the main claim, so our summary can describe that chain.

    Sample summary

    In her 2019 article “Wouldn’t We All Cross the Border?”, Anna Mills urges us to seek a new border policy that helps desperate undocumented migrants rather than criminalizing them. She calls for a shift toward respect and empathy, questioning the very idea that crossing illegally is wrong. She argues that any parent in a desperate position would consider it right to cross for their child’s sake; therefore, no person should condemn that action in another. Since we cannot justify our current walls and detention centers, we must get rid of them.