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4.1: Listening and Speaking

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    Listening and Speaking 1

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    Discuss these questions with a classmate. Think about your answers before you listen.

    1. What do you prefer, a house or an apartment? How many rooms do you need / want?
    2. Do you have a car? Where do you park your car?  
    3. Do you take the bus or the train? Do you live near a bus stop / train station? 


    Luke and Tina want to rent an apartment. They are looking at apartments on the internet. Listen to the description of an apartment they like.



    Comprehension Check

    Main Ideas

    Directions:  Listen again. Then read these sentences. Write Yes or No on the line.  Edit section

    1. The apartment is good for a big family.     __________
    2. The apartment is good for people with cars. __________


    Directions:  Listen again and complete the sentences.  

    1. The apartment has __________ bedrooms and __________ bathrooms.
    2. The apartment has a dining table and four __________.
    3. There are many __________ and __________ on the street.
    4. There is a __________ in front of the building.


    Activity A

    Directions:  Work in pairs. Describe homes A and B to your partner. Use the given key words to speak in complete sentences. Add adjectives to describe the homes.

    Home A:  House: 1 master bedroom, 3 regular bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 family room, 1 kitchen, garden, and two swimming pools in the garden.

    Home B: Apartment: 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, and parking lot in the building. 

    Activity B

    Directions:  Work in pairs. You describe your home to your partner and your partner draws the picture of your home. Change roles.

    Activity C

    Directions:  Work in groups of 4-5 students. All members work together to come up with a dream house and draw a picture of the dream house. Present the dream house to the whole class. 

    Listening and Speaking 2

    Ch4 LS 2 construction.jpg
    Photo by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa on Unsplash


    Discuss these questions with a classmate. Think about your answers before you listen.

    1. What kind of jobs do you prefer? Construction jobs? Teaching jobs? Tech jobs? 
    2. Do you prefer to work near or far from your home?
    3. What time do you leave home for work / school? What time do you return home?


    Listen to Mila talk about her workplace. 



    Comprehension Check

    Main ideas 

    Directions:  Listen again. Then read these sentences. Write Yes or No on the line.  

    1. Mila has a tech job. __________
    2. Mila does not like her workplace. __________
    3. Traffic is not a problem for Mila. __________


    Directions:  Listen again. Choose the correct answer. 

    1. Mila’s company is in ...           (a) Mountain View.            (b) New York.
    2. Mila goes for a walk ...           (a) after work.                  (b) at lunch time.
    3. Mila leaves home at ...           (a) 6 am.                          (b) 6 pm.


    Activity A

    Directions:  Work in pairs. Ask and answer about the jobs of the people below. Change roles. 

    Example: A: What does Mila do?        B: She is a web designer.
                    A: Does she like her job?    B: Yes, she does.
                    A: Why?                           B:  _________________

    Name Job Does this person like his or her job? Why or why not?
    Mila (she) a web designer no  
    Kevin (he) an electrician yes  
    Thi and Phuong nurses yes  
    Vladimir (he) a medical assistant no  
    Kim's parents teachers yes  
    Stella (she) a librarian yes  
    Ray (he) a construction worker yes  
    Miller (he) a train conductor no  
    You ? ?  

    Activity B

    Directions:  Work in pairs. Take turns asking questions about the parts in bold in each sentence.

    Example:  A: Sheila works in San Jose.       B: Where does Sheila work?   

    1. James goes to school in the evening.                   ______________________________________________
    2. Carol goes to summer camp in Los Angeles.         ______________________________________________
    3. The movie ends at 9:45 pm.                                 ______________________________________________
    4. Teachers prepare their lessons at home.                ______________________________________________
    5. Spring break begins this weekend.                      ______________________________________________
    6. Fireworks start at 7 pm.                                         ______________________________________________
    7. Children take the school bus at the bus stop.        ______________________________________________
    8. Pete and Brandon are nurses.                              ______________________________________________
    9. Students take a break in the afternoon.               ______________________________________________
    10. Grace goes home at 5:30 pm.                               ______________________________________________