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3.4: Vocabulary

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    Question: How do you get to class? Tell your partner.

    Example: I take the bus.

    Vocabulary in Context


    Directions: Read the paragraph.

    A Busy Week

    Lisa has a busy week. Every day, she gets up at 6:00 in the morning. She takes a shower and gets dressed. Then she makes breakfast for her children, Sofia and Tony. Lisa’s husband, Ahmed, works downtown, and he usually catches the bus at 7:00am. Then Sofia and Tony walk to school. On Fridays, Lisa takes the children to school by car. Lisa always takes the train to work. In the afternoon, Lisa picks up the children from school. On Wednesday afternoons, Sofia and Tony take swimming lessons, and on Fridays they go shopping. After dinner, the children do their homework and then they go to bed.

    Comprehension Check

    Directions:  Read each sentence. Choose True or False.

    1. Ahmed takes the bus to work.                      True      False
    2. Sofia makes breakfast for her family.             True      False
    3. Ahmed and Tony take swimming lessons.       True      False
    4. Lisa drives the children to school on Fridays.   True      False
    5. Lisa walks to work.                                       True      False

    Practice 1

    Directions:  Match the words in bold to the definition.

    1. She gets up at 6:00 in the morning.

      a. She wakes up.
      b. She puts on her clothes.
    2. She takes a shower.

      a. She uses shampoo.
      b. She uses coffee.
    3. She gets dressed.

      a. She wears a dress.
      b. She wears clothing.
    4. She makes breakfast.

      a. She prepares food to eat in the early morning.
      b. She prepares food to eat around noon.
    5. Ahmed catches the bus.

      a. He drives the bus.
      b. He rides the bus.
    6. Lisa takes the children to school by car.

      a. She drives the children in her car to school.
      b. The children and Lisa go in someone’s car to the school.
    7. Lisa takes the train.

      a. She rides the train.
      b. She drives the train.
    8. Lisa picks up the children from school.

      a. She takes care of the children at school.
      b. She meets the children to take them from school. 
    9. Sofia and Tony take swimming lessons.

      a. They go in a swimming pool.
      b. They watch a video about swimming.
    10. They do their homework.

      a. They complete household tasks.
      b. They complete school assignments.

    Question:  What do you do every week? 

    Example: Monday: go to English class, go to the gym

    1. Monday:____________________________________________________________
    2. Tuesday: ____________________________________________________________
    3. Wednesday:__________________________________________________________
    4. Thursday:___________________________________________________________
    5. Friday: ____________________________________________________________
    6. Saturday:____________________________________________________________
    7. Sunday: ____________________________________________________________

    Practice 3

    Directions:  What do you do every week? Talk to your partner about your activities from Practice 2.

    Example:  What do you do on Mondays? On Mondays I go to English class, and then I go to the gym.