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    An Open Educational Resource Initiative at Evergreen Valley College


    The Evergreen Valley College Open Educational Resources Initiative (EVC-OER) was funded by President Tammeil Gilkerson beginning in 2022. As part of EVC’s focused work advancing opportunity, equity, and social justice, the initiative aims to promote the development of a more robust collection of Open Educational Resources (OER) to support EVC’s faculty instruction and student learning. In addition, we hope to build a faculty community of practice engaged in curating, developing, and publishing OER materials to sustainably transform their courses into zero-cost or low-cost courses, eliminating structural barriers that may impede students’ success.

    The information in this resource is intended solely for use by the user, who accepts full responsibility for its use. Although the author(s) and EVC-OER Support team at San José Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD) have made every effort to ensure that the information in this resource is accurate, openly licensed, and accessible at press time, the author(s) and EVC-OER Support team do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

    EVC-OER Initiative

    Evergreen Valley College

    3095 Yerba Buena Road

    San José, CA 95135

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    Book Contributors

    This book is written for beginning English Language Learners (or English as Second Language students), EVC course ESL 502 - Basic ESL Skills 1. 

    This book (Antonini de Pino, Lawson, Nguyen-Jardin, Pham, and Reddy, 2023) is funded by the EVC President's OER initiative. It is licensed CC BY and is developed by:

    • Maria Antonini de Pino, Listening & Speaking component author and all-chapter reviewer
    • Erika Bourne Lawson, Pronunciation component author & audio performer and all-chapter reviewer
    • Huong Pham, Grammar component author and all-chapter reviewer
    • Rebecca Kallen Reddy, Vocabulary component author, Listening & Speaking component audio performer, and all-chapter reviewer
    • Kelly N. Nguyễn-Jardin, LibreTexts editor and all-chapter reviewer
    • Pradeep Reddy, Listening & Speaking component audio performer (chapters 1-3, 5, and 7-8)
    • Richard Lawson, Pronunciation component audio performer (chapter 8)
    • Adam Bloom, Pronunciation component audio performer (chapter 8)