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Chapter 11: Modern Art (1900 CE – 1999 CE)

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    • 11.1: Regional configurations of historical territories
      At the beginning of the twentieth century, the world order changed dramatically based on new economic, political, and social controls. European industrialization brought technology and financial power as they colonized much of the world, including India, most of Africa, parts of China, and Latin America.
    • 11.2: Sculpture (1900-1999)
      By the 1960s, the concept of sculptures was changed, the trend towards abstract and figurative firmly in place as traditional ideas were rejected. New materials were available, and sculptors began to experiment with them. The period also brought more sophistication to create and manufacture sculptures, especially oversized images.
    • 11.3: Modern Art Painting (1900-1999)
      In the twentieth century, they started a resistance against the traditional art methods in Asian countries. The wars and rebellions brought large numbers of Western people into the region along with different ideas. Asian artists began experimenting with new concepts, rejecting the typical art standards. With the advent of Western capitalism, a culture of mass media and consumption grew. Artists began to use art as a method of communicating social change.
    • 11.4: Modern Architecture (1900-1999)
      Historically, Asian architecture has been influenced by religious traditions with characteristic pitched overhanging roofs and elevated floors. Colonialism and Western involvement in the early twentieth century dramatically changed Asia. Architects employed Modernist designs while still using traditional styles. Colonial architecture is found in the designs of buildings in the first half of the twentieth century, especially British influences in regions like India, Singapore, and coastal China.
    • 11.5: Manga and Anime (1950-1999)
      Manga is a graphic art appearing a comics or graphic novels. The concept originated in Japan and is based on early Japanese styles. Manga may appear as comics or cartoons and printed in magazines and books. Published manga stories are generally drawn in black and white, although some artists do incorporate colors. Anime is closely associated with manga.