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1.4: Project 1 - Growth Mindset

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    Introduction: A growth mindset can refer not only to individuals but also to organizations and larger topics.

    Vocabulary hint: Used this way, an organization is any organized group of people with a particular purpose, such as a school, business, society, association, club, branch of government, etc.

    Directions: With your classmates, select a topic to explain the importance of a growth mindset. Create a Padlet with at least 15 posts. Give each one a descriptive heading (a complete sentence). Then, prepare a 3-minute presentation to share and explain your favorite posts to the class!

    Complete the steps of the project:

    1. Choose a topic or organization and discuss how it incorporates a growth mindset and why. Use the questions below as a guide.
      • Are the people (employees, students, athletes, etc) happy to improve their abilities? Are they encouraged to grow and improve? Do they encourage others to persevere?
      • Are they encouraged to experiment and take risks? In what ways do they try new things and develop new skills?
      • How do they see achievement and failure? Which habits get rewarded? Which have consequences? Is it considered okay to make mistakes and learn from them?
      • What experts or spokespeople help spread a growth mindset with this topic? What motivational words do they share?
      • How can this topic or group help build more of a growth mindset within its population? What can be improved?
    2. Share links, videos, podcasts, social media posts, quotes, news sources, and more through your Padlet page. All posts must connect to your topic and explain something about the way people use a growth mindset within that topic.
    3. Develop a short explanation or summary of what you think each post should tell us. Make this the title/heading of the post. Write only complete sentences.
    4. Design a presentation with your group. Show your favorite posts to the class and explain each one. Organize your presentation with a main idea (thesis) about growth mindset for your topic. Each member of your group must speak during the presentation and each must share at least one post from the Padlet page. The presentation should be approximately 3-5 minutes long.
    5. Check that your Padlet page is complete and create a SECRET READER LINK to turn in your Padlet page.

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