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    Karla Gutiérrez 

    Karla Gutierrez

    Karla Gutiérrez was born in Mexicali, Mexico and lived in the Mexicali-Calexico border area the first part of her life. She attended the Imperial Valley College where she started as an English as a Second Language student. She obtained an Associate's Degree and transferred to San Diego State University-Imperial Valley Campus where she got her Bachelor's Degree in Spanish. She then completed a Master's Degree in Spanish-American Literature at San Diego State University, San Diego Campus. After completing her Master's Degree, she earned a Spanish/English Translation Certificate from the University of California, San Diego. From 2001 to 2016, she worked as a part-time instructor at different community colleges and universities in San Diego County. In 2016 she was hired as a full-time instructor at Cuyamaca College where she is currently the World Languages Department Chair. During her time at Cuyamaca College, she has completed different trainings on equity-minded practices and served as the Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) Liaison. As OERI Liaison, she took multiple trainings that prepared her to lead her first OER project, ¡Naveguemos Juntos! for students completing the first and second semester of Spanish. Somos is her second OER project that is intended for students taking a third semester in Spanish. 

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