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2.3: Discussion Board - VARK Learning Questionnaire

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    One of the ways to understand how we learn best is to complete an inventory of our learning styles. For this exercise, you will utilize the VARK Learning Questionnaire, complete an inventory of your learning style, review the inventory results, and discuss whether the inventory was spot on or way off for your learning style.


    1. Visit the VARK Learning Styles Inventory.
    2. Read each statement and answers and click on the answer(s) that most apply to you. You may click more than one answer and there are no right or wrong answers.
    3. Submit your results by clicking the OK button.
    4. Review your VARK results by clicking on the underlined learning style for a list of learning strategies recommended for your learning type(s).
    5. Copy and paste the learning strategies recommendation into a Google Doc.
    6. Develop first in your Google Doc a discussion post that addresses:
      • Which area(s) of learning were you strongest in? Does this surprise you?
      • Describe the Intake, SWOT, and Output Study Strategies suggested for your Learning (this will make sense to you once you complete the questionnaire and review the results).
      • What are three of the SWOT (Study WithOut Tears) strategies you might like to try? How do you think it will aid you in studying?
      • Do you think this questionnaire helped you learn more about how best you learn? Why or why not?
    7. Copy and paste your post in the discussion.
    8. Review your classmates’ posts.
    9. Respond to your classmates’ posts about the knowledge you gained from the inventory.


    VARK Learning Questionnaire KEEP
    Criteria Ratings Points
    Primary Post Student addresses all directions; meets the 200 word count; and posts on time
    10 pts
    Student addresses some of the directions, and/or posts under 200 words
    5 pts
    Student does not post
    0 pts
    10 pts
    Secondary Post Student thoughtfully responds to 2 classmates’ primary posts, meets the 100 word count for each response, and posts on time
    10 pts
    Student thoughtfully responds to 1 classmate’s primary posts, and/or does not meet 100 word count
    5 pts
    Student does not post
    0 pts
    10 pts
    Distinguish individual learning styles to interpret learning strategies for success. Exceeds expectations
    0 pts
    Meets expectations
    0 pts
    Does not meet expectations
    0 pts
    0 pts
    TOTAL POINTS 20 pts

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