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16.2: RDG091 Final Writing Prompt

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    RDG091 Final Writing Prompt - 25pts.

    You are registering for classes next semester and your friend Marco begins complaining about his schedule.  He is frustrated about having to take RDG091 and doesn't think the course will help him advance in his professional career or do anything for him personally.  Construct a clear and well-supported paragraph expressing your opinion of RDG091.  Your paragraph must start with a thesis statement that tells Marco if RDG091 is valuable or not to your personal and professional self.  In order to support your opinion, you must explain what he will be required to study in the course (describe the units and skills taught) and relate it to your thesis.  In other words, you must directly explain how the readings and skills learned are beneficial or not to a college student both personally and professionally. 

    *  You are not graded on your opinion.  You are graded on your ability to explain the units of study, reading skills taught in the course, and connection to the personal and professional self.

      5 4 3 2 0
    ThesisA clear opinion on whether or not RDG091 improves a student personal and/or professionally.            
    Units of Study-Information learned in the course through assigned readings.          
    Reading SkillsMultiple reading skills learned in the course are explained with detail.          

    ProfessionalExplanation clearly states if the course can be applied in a positive or negative manner to a student’s professional goals.

    PersonalExplanation clearly states if the course can be applied in a positive or negative manner to a student’s personal goals.          


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