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13.1.1: Create Background Knowledge for Business Reading Assignment 1

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    Reading Process: Assess your background knowledge.

    Small or large group discussion: Before you begin reading academic texts, assess the background knowledge you already possess on the topic by asking yourself these two essential questions:

    1. What is marketing?

    2. How do marketers communicate value to intended customers or clients?

    That is, think about what YOU already know about marketing.

    Reading Process: Build schema (knowledge structure) for  academic reading by educating yourself.

    ASSINGMENT: Individual Reader's Notebook Entry - Marketing Slide Show Notes - set up with two columns, "Cornell style"

    Before you begin the assigned reading for this unit, please review the following slide show. In your Reader's Notebook entry, track any unfamiliar vocabulary or concepts in the left column of a two column note page on your notebook titles "Marketing Slide Show Notes." Then, skim through the slide show a second time in order to write brief definitions and notes in the right column next to the terms you noted on the first reading.

    Defining Marketing for the Twenty-First Century (Links to an external site.) from 365ezone

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