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8.2.2: Quizlet's Public Speaking Vocabulary Terms

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    Quizlet is a resource to help you study vocabulary and terms in various subject areas. When you are learning new content in your content-area classes, search Quizlet to see if a flashcard set has been contributed that aligns with the content and terms you are studying. Be sure, though, that the source matches up in content and quality with your academic texts and instructors' notes.

    Quizlet (Links to an external site.) offers a flashcard set of terms for a Public Speaking (Links to an external site.) midterm that covers much of the same material and terminology you have been reading about. A review of these terms will reinforce what you have read already about Communication and provide an introduction to terms that are specific to public speaking. (Links to an external site.)

    You can even self-test in Quizlet, and your test will immediately present your score!. For example, here is a self-test on the Public Speaking  (Links to an external site.)terms.

    8.2.2: Quizlet's Public Speaking Vocabulary Terms is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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