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8.1: The Communications Unit Overview - READ

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    In our Communications Unit, we will be studying introductory academic vocabulary and content for the college course COM 100. You will learn models of communications, read and analyze speeches, and focus on confidence and body language in public speaking. In addition, you will focus on the following reading skills:

    • understanding how language devices (i.e. author's tone, figurative language, bias) communicate meaning,
    • distinguishing fact from opinion,
    • recognizing internal text features,
    • and deciphering graphic information (charts, table, diagrams).

    Please read over the course competencies in the document posted below this one to get an idea of what the course COM 100 is all about. Consider enrolling next Spring if you haven't already!

    I am also posting the pdf for an online communications textbook called Stand Up, Speak Out from the Saylor Foundation. I am printing out and distributing the first chapter for you for your use in class, but if you want to learn more or lose your Chapter 1 hand out, you will have access to the entire text even though we are only studying Chapter 1.

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