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6.1.2: Psychology Unit TEST Student Study Guide

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    Reading 091/100: Psychology and Reading Strategy Unit Test Study Guide

    Academic Vocabulary for Psychology Unit

    • behavioral genetics:

    • collectivism

    • ethics (noun)

    • ethics in psychology

    • ethical (adj)

    • empirical (adj)/empiricism (n)

    • fixed mindset

    • growth mindset

    • hypothesis (n)

    • hypothetical (adj)

    • individualism

    • nature – nurture question: How much of who we are is influenced by genes and how much of who we are is influenced by the environments in which we live?

    • psychology (n)

    • psychological (adj)

    • psychologist (n)

    • skepticism (noun)

    • skeptical (adj)

    • skeptic (n)

    • theory

    Psychological Concepts to Know and Apply 

    • growth vs. fixed mindset

    • psychology as a science

    • reasons to study psychology

    • nature – nurture question

    • twin studies

    • adoption studies

    • five features of emerging adulthood

    • cultural differences in human behavior

    General Vocabulary Words to Know 

    • analysis (noun)

    • analytical (adj)

    • analyst (n)

    • hone (v) -

    • resilience (n) –

    • surmise (v) –

    • Do you think you could make sense of the following sentence, or one like it, using these words? Y ____ N___

    SAMPLE SENTENCE: After reading Dan’s initial analysis of the data regarding the resilience of children after a traumatic experience, I surmised that Dan would hone the data analysis further, resulting in new understandings in human development.

    How would you explain how to do or use the following strategies and skills in academic classes to a friend who had never heard of them before?

    • SQ5R




    WORD SUFFIXES are word endings that change the meaning (and part of speech often) of a root word. WRITE AT LEAST ONE EXAMPLE OF EACH NEXT TO EACH SUFFIX!

    -cal (adj) – relating to EX: ____________________________

    -ism (noun) – system of, characteristic of EX: _____________

    -ology (noun) – study of (usually science and theory oriented) EX: ___________________________

    -ist (noun) – one who, that who(typically refers to a person who practices the root word) EX: ___________________________


    • Flynn Effect (the APA intelligence and achievement and testing article)

    • Terms from the “Psychological Perspectives” handout (two big slides)

    • Questions about the Milgram and Stanford Studies as they relate to social psychology.

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