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4.2.4: Annotation and Cornell Note Rubric

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    “Nature Nurture” Annotation and Cornell Note Rubric: Total Score ________/20

    Annotation Score - 10 points each:

    Article Scores

    Outstanding 90-100%

    Satisfactory 80-89%

    Emerging 70-79%

    Unsatisfactory 60-69%

    Incomplete <60%

    Annotation Score:


    Key elements highlighted and labeled including main idea, supporting ideas/reasons, supporting facts and other evidence, headings, terms, and questions. Work reflects engaged effort, critical thinking, and CLOSE, ACCURATE READING.

    Article is highlighted and labeled (annotated) thoroughly with a high degree of accuracy, with adequate effort and evidence of close reading.

    Article is highlighted and annotated and the work shows some effortful engagement, but lacks completeness and accuracy.

    Article is incompletely highlighted and labeled, does not reflect effortful engagement, and lacks in completeness and accuracy.

    Article contains some highlighting and labeling, but the work is incomplete and does not reflect CLOSE, ACCURATE READING.

    Cornell Note Taking Score – 10 points


    5 (100%)

    4 (80%)

    3 (60%)

    2 (40%)

    0 Little or no effort

    Overall Requirements and Cornell Format

    Score: _____

    Overall, exceeds requirements in all areas, including a complete cue/heading column, phrase form notes in the note column, and a summary. Outstanding work effort.

    Meets all requirements with satisfactory effort, completion, quality and organization.

    Meets all or most requirements with adequate work that varies in quality from strong to weak or incomplete.

    Meets less than the minimum requirements, and/or the work is low quality or unfinished, reflecting incomplete work indicating low course engagement.

    Fails to complete the assigned work and take daily notes.

    Quality of Headings and Notes

    Score: _____

    “Cue column” headings/labels are clear, concise and can be easily used for self-study. Notes are clear, complete, significant, and reflect a high level of cognitive engagement with the material. Notes are in PHRASE FORM and reflect effortful performance.

    Headings are mostly clear and reflect content of the significant aspects of the reading. Notes are thorough, detailed, and reflect understanding of the assignment and/or what is required by the purpose of the entry.

    Headings are uneven; a lack of headings, questions, terms in the cue column. Some notes reflect thoughtful engagement with the material or purpose, but the quality varies from strong to less than satisfactory.

    Few headings appear in the cue column. notes are incomplete, unclear and/or some significant notes are missing. Reflects low effort and course engagement.

    Fails to meet the quality requirements.


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