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3.1.1: Competencies

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    Description: To acquaint the student with basic principles, methods and fields of psychology such as learning, memory, emotion, perception, physiological, developmental, intelligence, social and abnormal

    Requisites: Prerequisites: None
    Course Attributes:
    General Education Designation: Social and Behavioral Sciences - [SB] Arizona Shared Unique Number SUN#: PSY 1101


    MCCCD Official Course Competencies

    1. Describe the historical roots of psychology. (I)

    2. Describe the research methods used by psychologists. (I)

    3. Describe the relationship between body and behavior and the mechanisms of sensation and perception and states of consciousness. (I)

    4. Define the terms and describe the concepts and processes of learning and conditioning, thinking and memory, and motivation and emotion. (II)

    5. Describe the basic theories of human development and personality. (III)

    6. Define the terms and describe the issues in the area of intelligence and intelligence testing. (III)

    7. Describe stress and its effects on behavior. (IV)

    8. Describe health psychology and factors to control stress. (IV)

    9. Identify the major categories of abnormal behavior. (IV)

    10. Describe the major therapeutic approaches used for the treatment of abnormal behavior. (IV)

    11. Describe the factors that influence group behavior and interpersonal relationships. (V)

    12. Describe how psychology is applied in real world situations. (VI)

    MCCCD Official Course Outline 

    1. History and science of psychology

      1. History of psychology

      2. Research methods

      3. Biology of behavior

      4. Sensation and perception

      5. States of consciousness

    2. Influences of the environment

      1. Learning and conditioning

      2. Thinking and memory

      3. Motivation and emotion

    3. Development and individual differences

      1. Human development

      2. Intelligence

      3. Personality

    4. Conflict and adjustment

      1. Adjustment and stress

      2. Abnormal behavior

      3. Therapy

    5. Social psychology

      1. Interpersonal relations

      2. Social interactions

    6. Applied psychology


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