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2.2.4: Lexile Approximation Exercise

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    In class, we will do an exercise by which you will estimate your Lexile level through a series of three readings on Newsela. Click here for instructions on how to set up the free Newsela account.  This will allow you to access the articles in our class binder.

    You will write the article title and the "comfort" level Lexile as described in class. Remember to use the slider to adjust the Lexile version of the article. You can type up your Lexile approximations in a quick list as shown at the bottom of this description.

    Read each of the articles below and adjust the Lexile slider to the level at which you can read, comprehend, and restate what you read.  Where is the reading the most 'comfortable' for you?  There is no 'right' level for this assignment.  The 'right' level is the one at which you feel most confident in your comprehension of the information.  

    Note your approximated Lexile level for each article in the text box entry right here on Canvas with this exercise.

    Access Newsela online

    1. "Tech Savvy Teen Mines Bitcoins" - (Links to an external site.)/
    2. “Ukraine: Two Tank Columns from Russia” (Links to an external site.)/
    3. “Advocates Want to See Advocates Act on Domestic Violence” (Links to an external site.)/

    In the text entry box, you can write your Lexile "comfort level" approximate score in a list like this:

    "Bitcoin" - your approx. Lexile

    "Ukraine" - your approx. Lexile

    "Domestic Violence" - your approx. Lexile

     This assignment will be graded using the following rubric:

    5 4 3 2 0
    Knowledge + Knowledge Not Yet No Effort No Entry
    You have demonstrated in-depth mastery of content through elaboration. Effort is evidenced. You have demonstrated mastery of the content, but with a little more effort you would produce superior work. There is evidence that you are putting forth effort to learn the content, but you are missing important information that is essential to demonstrating comprehension.  It would be a good idea to meet with your instructor for help. There is so little evidence provided that the instructor cannot determine if the student comprehends content or has put forth effort to learn material. No submission to evaluate.  No late entries accepted!


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