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2.1.1: The Reading Process Instructor Guide

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    Lesson Guide

    This lesson guide meets the following MCCCD RDG100 Course Competencies:

    Apply study reading systems to college textbook material. Employ general and content specific information literacy skills.

    "Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t."

    Rikki Rogers

    The objective is to introduce students to the Reading Process. Students should create an entry in their Reader’s Notebook labeled “The Reading Process”. Move through the PPT at a comfortable pace and remind students that the PPT will be available after class on Canvas for them to add missing information to their notes if the lesson moves too fast.

    Use the Make Up Your Mind to Succeed Anticipation Guide PDF to walk students through the “Before Reading” strategies. Stop during this section of the PPT to apply the information to the reading. This will engage students and provide opportunity for student questions.
    Model “During Reading” strategies using Make Up Your Mind to Succeed.

    Complete “After Reading” strategies by summarizing the article on the Exit Card.


    Practice applying The Reading Process to the Even Geniuses article. Complete the Anticipation Guide and read the article for the next class. Be prepared for an Entrance Card quiz on the reading- students may use their annotations and anticipation guide to complete the Entrance Card.

    Resources in The HUB

    The Reading Process PPT
    Make Up Your Mind to Succeed PDF
    Make Up Your Mind to Succeed Anticipation Guide PDF Even Geniuses PDF
    Even Geniuses Anticipation Guide PDF

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