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2: Developing a College Reading Mindset (Week 2)

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    Reader’s Notebook Requirements Week 2

    In each module, you will be responsible for recording information in your notebook both during class and outside of class. It is your responsibility to bring it to every class. If the pace of the lesson moves faster than your ability to record the notes, it is your responsibility to leave space and return to the lesson PowerPoint (PPT) after class to complete the notes.

    Each entry in your notebook must include:

    1. title of the entry (use the name of the video, PPT, or lesson objective)

    2. page number (this is to help you find the entry when referencing your Table of Contents)

    3. date of the entry (use the date of the class lesson or date that you completed the note)

    These three criteria should be on both the entry page AND in the Table of Contents. 

    WEEK 2 Requirements

    This week you are learning about improving annotation skills, understanding Reading Levels, and developing a growth mindset.

    1. Does Reading Make You Smarter?
      1. Make sure to record the speaker’s name and credentials. Is the person qualified to speak on the topic? What is his title? What does a person with his title do? Refer to the title of the video and explain in your notes what the Matthew Effect has to do with reading. Make a personal connection to this information in your notes.
    2. How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension

      1. Record the presenter’s credentials and reflect on his qualifications. Note strategies to improve your reading skills and reflect on the strategies your already use and those you want to incorporate in your college and career reading.

    3. The Reading Process PPT

      1. Explain the characteristics of a critical reader. Who do you personally know that exhibits these characteristics on a regular basis?

      2. Explain the three step reading process.

    4. Annotating and Making Connections

      1. Review the information on annotating and making connections. Note new information and reflect on the areas that you consistently use while reading and those you will practice to develop this semester.

    5. What is a Reading Level? Video from

      1. Explain what a reading level is and why it is important to know.
    6. Reading Lexile Levels PPT

      1. Identify the reading levels of the reading you expect to be assigned as a college student. Identify the reading levels of the texts you typically read.

    7. Flynn Effect Ted Talk video

      1. Identify the speaker. Note his credentials. Explain the Flynn Effect.



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