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3.5: Discussion Board - Views of Writing

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    Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. Generally speaking, proficient students don’t read without writing, and don’t write without reading. The two processes although not the same are intertwined and in many ways dependent on the other.

    For this discussion, take time to consider how you feel about writing, what kind of writing do you do, and how you approach academic writing assignments.


    1. Review “I Hate Writing”:
    2. Develop first in your Google Doc a discussion post that addresses:
      • How do you feel about writing? what do you enjoy? what do you hate?
      • What emotions surface when you are assigned academic writings for your classes?
      • What other types of writing do you do?
      • How would you describe your process of writing?
      • What did you think about the “I Hate Writing” video?
      • Do you agree or disagree with the claims made in the video “I Hate Writing”?
      • Did the video cause you to think differently about writing?
    3. Copy and paste your post in the discussion.
    4. Review your classmates’ posts.
    5. Respond to your classmates’ posts about how they feel about writing and whether there are similarities or differences with your views.


    Views of Writing KEEP
    Criteria Ratings Points
    Primary Post Student addresses all directions; meets the 200 word count; and posts on time
    10 pts
    Student addresses some of the directions, and/or posts under 200 words
    5 pts
    Student does not post
    0 pts
    10 pts
    Secondary Post Student thoughtfully responds to 2 classmates’ primary posts, meets the 100 word count for each response, and posts on time
    10 pts
    Student thoughtfully responds to 1 classmate’s primary posts, and/or does not meet 100 word count
    5 pts
    Student does not post
    0 pts
    10 pts
    Explore attitudes about academic writing. Exceeds expectations
    0 pts
    Meets expectations
    0 pts
    Does not meet expectations
    0 pts
    0 pts
    TOTAL POINTS 20 pts



    • I Hate Writing. Authored by: T.R. Johnson. Provided by: Tulane University. Located at: License: Other. License Terms: Standard YouTube license

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