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6.4: Cliché

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    Using Clichés Sparingly

    Clichés are phrases that were once original and interesting creations but that became so often used that they have ceased to be interesting and are now viewed as overworked. If you have a tendency to use a cliché or see one while you are proofreading, replace it with plain language instead.


    I’m loose as a goose today.

    Replace cliché: I’m very relaxed today.

    Table \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    as fresh as a daisy

    as slow as molasses

    as white as snow

    beat around the bush

    being led down the primrose path

    big as life

    bottomless pit

    busy as a bee

    can’t see the forest for the trees

    chip off the old block

    dead of winter

    dirt cheap

    don’t upset the apple cart

    down to earth

    flat as a pancake

    for everything there is a season

    from feast to famine

    go with the flow

    gone to pot

    green with envy

    growing like a weed

    heaven on earth

    here’s mud in your eye

    in a nutshell

    in the doghouse

    just a drop in the bucket

    knock on wood

    light as a feather

    like a duck out of water

    made in the shade

    muddy the water

    naked as a jaybird

    nutty as a fruitcake

    old as dirt

    our neck of the woods

    plain as the nose on your face

    raking in the dough

    sick as a dog

    stick in the mud

    stubborn as a mule

    sweet as apple pie

    thorn in my side

    two peas in a pod

    under the weather

    walks on water

    water under the bridge

    when pigs fly

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