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5.10: Escritura- Una carta a otro estudiante

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    Imagine an exchange student from a Spanish speaking country is coming to stay with you
    next semester. It is your job to show him or her around when they get here. You
    should write them a letter introducing yourself and telling them about your
    life here. Tell them all the basics about yourself: name, age, origin, major,
    number of classes, job, hobbies, likes and dislikes, free time activities, etc.
    Make sure to also ask them questions about themselves to get this same basic
    info. This section will be one or two paragraphs.

    In another paragraph, describe your family.  Mention the number of members in your family,
    give their names, identify their relationships to you, and describe
    them.  In your description, include a physical description, a
    description of personality, likes and dislikes, professions and hobbies,
    etc. If you would prefer to describe your friends instead of, or in addition to, your family, you can do that.  

    Remember to write this in letter form. Please use the following example. Note that there is a colon after the person´s name in Spanish and remember that ¨querido¨ changes based on gender. Also decide whether it is more appropriate to address the person to whom you are writing formally or informally and make sure to stick to that throughout. 


    Querida Marta:

    Body of letter.



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