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4.6: Practice: Grammar Exercises

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  • transdot.gif Spanish Grammar Exercises
    set 18, exercise 7 – questions
    This is exercise 7 of 8. Please answer all questions on this page.
    repaso: cap. 6: gramática
    Direct Object Pronouns. Answer the question in a complete sentence using direct object pronouns in your answers.
    1.transdot.gif¿Cuándo ves tus programas de televisión favoritos?
    2.transdot.gif¿Cuándo vas a terminar este repaso?

    3.transdot.gif¿Con quién practicas el español?

    4.transdot.gif¿Cuándo vas a ver a tus amigos?

    5.transdot.gif¿Cuándo quieres conocer a mis amigos?


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