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3.3: Culture: Videos: Formal and informal language

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    Spanish- Formal and Informal Language

    How important is it in your language to make a distinction between formal and informal speech patterns?

    th_aguilera.jpg Alejandro Octavio Aguilera (Monterrey, Mexico) “Yes this thing about “usted” and “tú” is very important. In the first place, “usted” is a way…”
    th_roxana.jpg Roxana Danae Bannach (Santiago, Chile) “Well, normally you will always talk to the person with “usted” especially if you don’t know him…”
    th_mateos.jpg Martha Mateos Brito (Monterrey, Mexico) “Well, “usted” I generally use it with older people, or with people for whom I have a…”
    th_bueso.jpg Carlos José Bueso Más (Puerto Rico) “With “usted” and “tú,” Americans have the advantage obviously in that there is no distinction…”
    th_gladys.jpg Carmen Gladys Zapata (Lima, Peru) “We generally use “usted” when there isn’t a high level of familiarity between the…”
    th_salmon.jpg Roberto Salmón Rodríguez (Lima, Peru) “Well, let’s begin looking at it from a retrospective point of view, looking at if from the…”

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