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22.6: Module 1 Cave Art Class Discussion 1 Cave Paintings

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    This discussion is in two parts:

    Part 1

    • Google Cave art, and report back to the discussion what you learned.
    • Using sites like Witcombe’s arthistoryresourcesontheweb will help you gather reliable information:

    See chapter of the text on Cave Art

    You want to post original information, so the earlier that you post, the better choices you will have.

    Review Discussion Grading Guidelines in Course Information. There are two requirements to any discussion:

    You must post your own information, thoughts, etc. 

    You must also reply to other student posts.

    Do not start this discussion before reading the Mini Lecture #1 in this module.

    Part 2

    Discuss the importance of having a divine relationship with your animal food supply.

    So, what do you think? Should we begin to pay more attention to the spirits of animals?

    Would it help our spiritual well beings, to paint a picture of a cow after chowing down those burgers?

    Is there something missing from our relationship with our food?

    Has anyone seen the scary movie, Food Inc.?

    Is that in a small way a contributing factor to some of our diseases that our linked to diet?

    Does Mad Cow Disease frighten you as much as me?

    How about tainted salsa, spinach; and lettuce, and recently eggs?

    Is it time to start painting pictures of cattle, chickens, pigs; and bison?


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