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16.4: Attendance Policy

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    Attendance Policy

    According to the Administrative Withdrawal or Failure Policy and Procedure, the following policy is to be included on any syllabus used by SUNY students.

    “After students miss 20% or more of the scheduled sessions for a class, instructors may withdraw them from the class by completing an Administrative Drop Form for the Registrar’s Office. (in online classes, faculty members may withdraw students who miss 20% of the required logons for the class.”

    I require all students to log on a minimum of three times each week to participate in the online discussions.

    We meet 15 weeks, which means the minimum number of log ons to the discussion is 45. Any student missing more than 9 log ons will be in breach of this policy.

    This means you must log on a minimum of 36 times to the discussion area of the class. A log on has to include the making of a document, i.e. participating in the discussion to count towards the 36 times.

    In addition, you have to log on each week, you may not log on 36 times the last week, and expect to pass the course.


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