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4.2: Key Learning Items

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  • Learning Objectives

    After successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

    • Understand and apply the concepts and terminology of Ancient Egyptian art
    • Investigate and apply the fundamental questions we ask when looking at art objects from this era
    • Discuss, collaborate, and generate understanding as to the meaning of Ancient Egyptian art
    • Assess and evaluate the impact of Ancient Egyptian art on the continued evolution of Western art

    Key Questions to Ask

    While you are reviewing the content of this module, consider the following questions:

    • How does the artwork function in Egypt?
    • What were the conventions for depicting pharaohs?
    • How did the Egyptian religious beliefs affect their art and architecture?
    • Were there many stylistic changes throughout the course of ancient Egyptian art?

    Key Vocabulary Terms

    • formal frontality
    • divine cult statues
    • registers
    • hierarchy of scale
    • hieroglyphs
    • faience
    • raised relief
    • sunk relief
    • mastaba
    • ben-ben stone
    • ka statue
    • Old Kingdom Art
    • New Kingdom Art
    • Amarna Period Art

    Here are links to art history glossaries that will help you better understand the above key vocabulary terms.

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