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16.1: Assignment: The Final Project

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    The Final Project (due the last day of class):

    Make your Southern dish, again, to share with the class. On the last day of class, you will bring in your dish, do a 2-3 minute presentation about your dish incorporating information from your research and telling us about your experience making the dish, and then we all get to taste what you made.

    For the presentation, use PowerPoint or Prezi. Incorporate pictures of the dish and tell us about your experience. This should be 3-5 slides long.

    You will also write a 250-500 word process memo about the experience making the dish a second time. How was it different than the first experience? What did you do differently? Was it better or worse? In what ways? Would you make this dish again? Did you like it? Why/why not?

    You will submit this memo along with the PowerPoint/Prezi Presentation the Final Project link on Moodle under Week 15. You can attach the power point or copy and paste the link to your Prezi in the text box. For the memo, you can attach a word document or copy and paste the  memo to the text box.


    A handout of this resource is available here.


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