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3.6: Strategy #3: Add some Filters

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  • An effective search strategy makes use of the specialized features within the library’s search tools to focus on the kinds of resources you need. Unlike a Google search, Summon, library databases, and the catalogue have filters and limits that allow you to further refine your results list in a few ways.

    Recall in the second module you were introduced to the idea that information comes in a variety of sources; part of your strategy should be to ensure you are getting the content you need. Does your assignment require that you use only certain kinds of sources? Is there a date restriction? Can you use a video?


    Tip: Use a filter or limit

    After an initial search, look for these tools to further refine your search

    What do you need? Filter/Limit
    Scholarly journal? book/e-book? newspaper article? video? Content type or source
    Recent? last 10 years? Publication date
    Focussed on a specific subject Subject headings, discipline, or topic


    ACTIVITY: Selecting the best limits

    Click on the arrows to answer the 4 questions below.

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