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15.4: Notes

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    1. See Winston L. King, Zen and the Way of the Sword: Arming the Samurai Psyche (New York: Oxford Unversity Press, 1993); and Marcus Bull, Knightly Piety and the Lay Response to the First Crusade: The Limousin and Gascony c.970-c.1130(New York: Oxford University Press, 1993).
    2. It is not clear to me that transcendence of egoism is the ultimate goal in both traditions. It certainly appears to be so in certain formulations of Buddhism, whereas most knowledgeable Christians would consider it only part of the goal, a penultimate goal, or a by-product of attaining the goal of at-onement with God in Christ.
    3. See Julia Ching,"Paradigms of the Self in Buddhism and Christianity,"Buddhist Christian Studies 4 (1984), 31-50; and Winston L. King, "No-Self, No-Mind, and Emptiness Revisited," Buddhist-Christian Dialogue: Mutual Renewal and Transformation, eds. Paul 0. Ingram and Frederick]. Streng (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1986), pp. 155-176.
    4. See the recommended readings at the end of this chapter.

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