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6.3: Kwame Anthony Appiah, from TedTalks

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  • Is Religion Good or Bad?


    In our world, religion is a source of much debate. Because we are much more mobile world, religion is not nearly as local, not nearly as confined to place of origin, not nearly as isolate as it once was. Buddhism is fond, not just in China or eastern Asia, but all over the world. Islam is no longer a middle eastern and African tradition. Hindu style worship and yoga is being taught in Maine and Minnesota and New Mexico.

    And the younger generations are much more eclectic about choosing their spiritual traditions. Many, in fact, choose no religion at all. For a little more data, check out the Pew Research Center’s Religion and Public Life site.

    This article will show some movement in American affiliation: America’s Changing Religious Landscape

    So how important is religion these days? Does it matter? Is it part of human life?

    The Speech

    Kwame Anthony Appiah, May 2014 for TedTalks

    Is Religion Good or Bad?

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