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About the Author and Book

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    About teh book

    Authored and Edited by Andrew Lavin with pages from:

    • Matthew J. Van Cleave’s Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking
    • Matthew Knachel’s Fundamental Methods of Logic
    • Jason Southworth and Chris Swoyer’s Critical Reasoning: A User’s Manual
    • Inserts on Truth and Intellectual Vices by Michael Fitzpatrick

    This text made possible by an Open Educational Resources Grant through Butte College and the Textbook Affordability Project at CSU, Chico.

    About the authors

    This textbook’s first edition was funded by grants from Butte College and CSU, Chico. Since then, I have continued to put unfunded work into improving it. This text is free and
    always will be, but if you are using it and enjoying it, a donation would be much appreciated and would help fund future improvements to this free resource. Please consider a donation of somewhere around $5 from each reader to support the project. To reiterate, though, this is a free textbook and no donation is necessary.

    My Teaching Resources and Portfolio can be view here:

    Places to send donations:

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