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  • This Unit looks at some of the implications for religion on society. There is no doubt that religious beliefs play an integral role in the lives of many people, so it is pertinent that we understand its impacts on ourselves and others. Chapter 26, What do we do About Religious Disagreements? By Kristin Seemuth Whaley, examines how we can deal with beliefs that are deeply held but conflicting with the beliefs of others. Chapter 27, Is it Good to “Have Faith”?, looks at the impact of “faith” on our lives and whether it is a good or bad influence. Chapter 28, Morality and Religion by Kristin Seemuth Whaley, examines the role of religion on morality, particularly whether the existence of God is necessary to have morality. Chapter 29, Tolerance in a Global Society, examines whether we should be tolerant of views other than our own and how this can function in an increasingly global society. Chapter 30, Religion, the After-Life, and Immortality, is a fictional dialogue that examines the role that the possibility of an after-life plays in their lives.

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