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7.1: Readings

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  • EMPTY CAGES – 8. Turning Animals into Performers ANIMALS LIKE US – Ch. 7. Zoos
    EMPTY CAGES – 9. Turning Animals into Competitors ANIMALS LIKE US – Ch. 8. Hunting

    ANIMALS LIKE US – Ch. 9. Pets

    Gruen: 5. Dilemmas of captivity and 6. Animals in the wild (optional)

    Keith Burgess-Jackson, "Doing Right by Our Animal Companions" in David Benatar, ed., Ethics for Everyday (McGraw-Hill, 2002),

    Gary Varner, "Pets, Companion Animals, and Domesticated Partners," in David Benatar, ed., Ethics for Everyday (McGraw- Hill, 2002), pp. 150-75 using "guest" and "enter" when prompted for an ID and a password, respectively.

    Further Reading:

    • Association of Zoos and Aquariums:
    • Ringling Brothers’ circus:
    • Search these animal groups’ pages about these issues:
      PETA: (