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4.1: Readings

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  • EMPTY CAGES – 4. Animal Rights (pp. 62-74)

    ANIMAL LIBERATION – 5. Man’s Dominion . . . a short history of speciesism (See especially the discussion of Aquinas, Descartes, Kant and thinkers discussed in The Enlightenment and After)

    Tibor Machan, “Why Animal Rights Don’t Exist” at and “The Myth of Animal Rights” at Video:

    Carl Cohen, “Why Animals Do Not Have Rights,” from Cohen and Regan, The Animal Rights Debate (Rowman & Littlefield, 2001) at

    Video: Carl Cohen, "Why Animals Do Not Have Rights”: at

    Ray Frey, “Animal Research: The Starting Point” (1-page selection), from Why Animal Experimentation Matters. ethicsandanimals.googlepages....imentation.pdf (this file needs to be corrected)

    ANIMAL LIBERATION – 1. All Animals Are Equal – review the objections that Singer discusses

    ANIMALS LIKE US – Ch. 2. The Moral Club – review the objections that Rowlands discusses

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