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2.1: Readings

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  • Note: some of the discussion of animal minds immediately overlaps with ethical questions, but we will attempt to focus this week just on animal minds.

    ANIMALS LIKE US – Ch. 1. Do Animals Have Minds? pp. 3 – 25.
    ANIMALS LIKE US – Ch. 4. Killing Animals. pp. 70 – 99.

    ANIMAL LIBERATION – pp. 9 – 22, beginning “There is, however, one general defense of the practices...”, ending on the first paragraph on 22.

    EMPTY CAGES – pp. 53 – 61.

    Gruen: 1. Why animals matter (optional)

    Recommended Reading on Animal Minds / Cognitive Ethology:

    • Colin Allen (, “Animal Consciousness,” entry in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: animal/
    • Jonathan Balcombe, Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and The Nature of Feeling Good (MacMillan 2006)
    • Marc Bekoff’s web page and books:
    • Clare Palmer, Animals in Anglo-American Philosophy”
    • Scott Wilson, “Animals and Ethics,” The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    • Lori Gruen, “The Moral Status of Animals,” The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,
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