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6: Nineteenth-Century Music and Romanticism

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  • Learning Objectives

    1. Demonstrate knowledge of historical and cultural contexts of nineteenth-century music, including musical Romanticism and Nationalism
    2. Aurally identify selected genres of nineteenth-century music and their associated expressive aims, uses, and styles
    3. Aurally identify the music of selected composers of nineteenth-century music and their associated styles
    4. Explain ways in which music and other cultural forms interact in nineteenth-century music in genres such as the art song, program music, opera, and musical nationalism

    Thumbnail: Josef Danhauser's 1840 painting of Franz Liszt at the piano surrounded by (from right to left) Alexandre DumasHector BerliozGeorge SandNiccolò PaganiniGioachino RossiniMarie d'Agoult with Anton Dietrich's bust of Ludwig van Beethoven on the piano.  (Public Domain via Wikipedia)

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