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7.6: Concert Attendance Activity

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  • For this activity, you are required to attend a concert and write a review following the instructions below. A Word document of this assignment can be downloaded here.   

    Concert Review Guidelines

    Please include the following:

    1. A brief biography on one of the composers of a particular piece or song included in the concert.


    1. A review of the concert going into detail on descriptions of specific pieces via each of the elements of music. Use musical terms learned in class.


    LENGTH: 1 full page, single spaced/ 12-14 size font or 2 full pages double spaced/l2-14 size font.


    MARGINS: Must be reasonable standard margins.



    1) Headings are to take up no more than 6 single spaced lines; however, feel free to have a title page if you would like.

    2) Headings will include your name, date, my name, MUS 121, and Concert Review # on front page of papers.


    WRITING SKILLS: Strong college level writing skills are expected on each paper.


    PROGRAMS: Your paper must be accompanied by a program or ticket to receive credit. Please scan a program or a ticket and email to the instructor.


    To find a performance to attend:







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