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2.5: Reading and Review Questions

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    1. Why does More insist on the factuality of this fiction, with himself being a character in the text who firsthand witnesses Hythloday’s account of Utopia? How does his self-characterization compare with that of Chaucer’s in his Tale of Sir Thopas?

    2. What human qualities does More suggest are innate to human beings of all races, places, times, and classes? What are the adverse effects of these innate human qualities? How do the Utopians overcome these adverse effects?

    3. How do the Utopians treat gender matters? What qualities does he suggest are innate to all women, to all men? What qualities does he suggest are conditioned by society? What conditioned behaviors of both men and women do the Utopians overcome, and how, and to what effect?

    4. Why does More have the Utopians require every person to work on a farm? Why does he not have the Utopians require institutionalized learning?

    5. In terms of religion, how tolerant are the Utopians, do you think? Why do they require faith in a divine figure—regardless of which figure?

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