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2: Realism (1865-1890)

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    • Berke, Bleil, & Cofer
    • Professors (English) at Middle Georgia State University, College of Coastal Georgia, & Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
    • Sourced from University of North Georgia Press

    Learning Objectives

    • Describe the post-Civil War context of American culture at the time Realistic writing came into prominence.
    • List the features of American Literary Realism.
    • List the features of the two sub-movements that preceded Realism: Local Color and Regionalism.
    • Identify stylistic elements of Local Color, Regionalism, and Realism in literary selections.
    • Identify major distinctions and differences among the literary styles of Local Color, Regionalism, and Realism.
    • Analyze the ways in which women’s literature develops in this period.
    • Analyze themes in an early work by an African-American writer.

    Thumbnail: Twain in 1907. (Public Domain; A.F. Bradley via Wikipedia).

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